"Pay it Forward" to MobileSmiles Oklahoma!

Posted by Susan Hoover on 01/10/2014

MobileSmiles Oklahoma (MSO) was selected by S&B’s Burger Joint's 9th Street location in Oklahoma City to benefit from its sales at that location. On Tuesday, February 11, 10% of all net sales from the 9th Street location will benefit MSO through the restaurant’s “Pay It Forward” campaign. 

That also means that 10% of net sales from the entire day go into the program for Oklahomans who need our help.
Proceeds from “Pay It Forward” to MobileSmiles Oklahoma, a program co-managed by the ODF and the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Oral Health Foundation, could allow for the purchase of supplies and equipment to treat and educate 
Oklahomans of all ages. It could also fund the community investment necessary to bring our mobile units to a group of people who would not recieve dental care or education if we weren’t there.

“Since February is National Children’s Dental Health month, we couldn’t imagine a better time to allow Oklahomans to give back to each other,” said John Wilguess, executive director of the Oklahoma Dental Foundation. “For every dollar we receive from S&B, we can provide two Oklahomans in need the tools to better their oral health.”