Program FAQs

What is MobileSmiles Oklahoma?

MobileSmiles, using dental professionals and local site partners, helps treat dental needs in communities across the state. The program utilizes two RV-style mobile dental units that travel throughout Oklahoma to deliver dental care and education.

As a patient, can I set an appointment with the MobileSmiles program?

No. When the MobileSmiles unit visits a community or “site,” we work with a local “site partner,” which is a nonprofit organization, school, church or agency that is responsible for qualifying and scheduling patients.

If you are in need of dental care you can't afford or access, visit our Resources page for help.

What services are provided on the mobile unit?

The mobile unit provides cleanings, fillings, extractions, sealants and fluoride varnish. Currently, the mobile unit does not provide root canals, oral surgery, partials or dentures.

Does the MobileSmile dental van serve as a dental home?

Everyone needs a dental home where they receive professional cleanings and exams every six months and other dental care as needed. The goal of the MobileSmiles program is to provide care to patients currently without a dental home and – when possible – to connect the patient to a local dentist to serve as his/her dental home.

How is the MobileSmiles program funded?

Approximately 75 percent of the program’s total funding consists of private donations from corporations, foundations, and individuals, including major funding from Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation. The remaining 25 percent of the program’s income is in the Earned Income category and comes from SoonerCare/insurance reimbursement and community investment fees. The MobileSmiles program asks its site partners to pay a “community investment” fee of $1,000 per mobile unit per day. This investment by the local community is vital to the financial sustainability of the program.

What are the criteria for site partners?

A site partner must be a nonprofit organization, government agency, church or public school. Site partners are asked to pay a community investment fee per unit per day of service. This is a small part of the actual cost of bringing the mobile unit to the community (which is approximately $2,800 to $3,000), but it’s vital to the sustainability of the program. When necessary, we encourage site partners to apply for grants or to ask local businesses or churches to serve as “site sponsors” by covering all or part of the site fee. Typically, more than $3,200 in dental care is delivered in a single site visit, so site partners and sponsors provide their community with a very valuable service.

Why is there a fee to bring the MobileUnit to our site?

Actual daily costs of mobile dental outreach consistently run between $2,800 to $3,000, per day.  The community investment fee helps offset expenses associated with dental equipment, supplies, fuel, mobile unit maintenance/storage, staff, lodging, meals, etc. 

Can businesses serve as site partners?

While for-profit businesses cannot serve as site partners, they are welcome and encouraged to serve as site sponsors. A site sponsor provides all or part of the community investment fee.

How can I help?

Everyone can be a part of MobileSmiles Oklahoma!

  • Volunteer
  • Donate to the general program or to a specific site
  • Serve as a site partner and host the mobile unit in your community
  • Be a site sponsor