Overview of Processes

Please know before booking a mobile unit or screening event there are responsibilities involved in order to have a successful day with MobileSmiles Oklahoma. 

Mobile Unit:

  • A community investment fee is required to help offset costs, but can be donated or fundraised  
  • Pre-screen or select candidates who may need treatment using guidelines provided in paperwork
  • Create a patient list
  • Pass out and collect completed patient forms
  • Comply with the "Site Partner Agreement" (this document will be provided by Melissa Reese after initial contact)
  • Each site must provide the following: 
    • Parking lot/space large enough for the mobile unit, which is 37' long, 12' wide and 14' high with a 5' clearance on all sides.
    • Level surface, like concrete, however, asphalt or gravel is also acceptable
    • Grass areas are not recommended
    • Shaded area preferred during summer
    • Accessible water to refill tanks onboard
    • On-site dumpster to dispose of non-hazardous waste
    • Secure site if staying overnight

If you have further questions before booking or are unsure if your site qualifies, please email Melissa Reese at mreese@okdf.org or call (405) 241-1299.