Volunteer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up to volunteer?

To sign up to volunteer, please email Melissa Reese at mreese@okdf.org or call (405) 241-1299

What do I need to bring with me?
  • Scrubs and closed toed shoes are required
  • Loupes, if you prefer to wear them
  • A positive attitude ready to help!
  • Dentists are welcome to bring assistants or hygienists from their office if they would like. Please let us know in advance who will be coming.
What types of supplies do you have available on the mobile unit?

All instruments, hand pieces, Cavitron, Nomad x-ray machine, gloves, masks

  • Local Anesthesia – Lidocaine, Septocaine, Mepivacain, Marcaine, Topical Anesthetic, 30 gauge short needles, 27 gauge long needles
  • Restorative – Packable composite, flowable composite, Etch gel, Bond, Amalgam, Tofflemire Bands, Dental Dam, Articulating paper, Microbrushes, Gluma, Fuji capsules, Formo-cresol, Ketac, Mixing wells
  • Preventative – Prophy cups, prophy paste, fluoride varnish, floss, sealant material
  • Oral Surgery – Sutures (chromic gut), surgical blades
  • Sterilization – Autoclave, Ultrasonic and Statim
How many patients will I see?

The patients for each location are pre-scheduled, around 6-10 per day. We ask them to schedule about one person per hour, and allow time for a lunch break. 

We focus on the greatest area of need because time does not allow for full-mouth restoration. 

Can I bring my dental staff with me?

Absolutely! Just make sure they sign up to volunteer with Melissa Reese (mreese@okdf.org).