Supplies & Equipment

Inside the MobileSmiles Mobile Dental Units:

All instruments, hand pieces, Cavitron, Nomad x-ray machine, gloves, masks

  • Local Anesthesia – Lidocaine, Septocaine, Mepivacain, Marcaine, Topical Anesthetic, 30 gauge short needles, 27 gauge long needles
  • Restorative – Packable composite, flowable composite, Etch gel, Bond, Amalgam, Tofflemire Bands, Dental Dam, Articulating paper, Microbrushes, Gluma, Fuji capsules, Formo-cresol, Ketac, Mixing wells
  • Preventative – Prophy cups, prophy paste, fluoride varnish, floss, sealant material
  • Oral Surgery – Sutures (chromic gut), surgical blades
  • Sterilization – Autoclave, Ultrasonic and Statim

Screening Supplies:

Gloves, masks, tongue depressors, disposable mirrors, flashlights, CaviWipes, screening forms, clip boards, pens